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Getting Better Quality B2B PPC Campaign Leads

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising should be a major component of any B2B digital marketing plan. Paying for PPC may assist you to improve your revenue, but it can also help you develop high-quality leads that will keep your revenue growth over the long term.

However, many of the people who respond to PPC advertising are not ready to do business with you or your company. According to him, while PPC marketing may generate money, the majority of the leads you obtain from it are actually a waste of time and money.

So, what should you do? How can you improve the quality of your B2B PPC leads to get a higher return on investment and cut down on time and money loss?

Let’s start with the basics. We’ll give you a clue: it involves getting to know your consumers and making sure they understand how you may assist them with their difficulties. Let’s get this party started.

Begin with Creating Buyer Personas

If you’ve already started a B2B PPC campaign, you’re probably familiar with what we’re talking about. The majority of your leads are most likely low-quality ones.

Because your PPC campaigns are often not targeting the right individuals, this is the case. Which brings us to the next question: Do you know your consumers well enough? If you reply no, then you’re probably not targeting them correctly.

Before launching PPC advertisements, we recommend developing a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a metaphor for your ideal client that was developed using past customer data and research. By gathering information on your landing page, you may come up with this figure.

You’ll have a better idea of the sorts of consumers you want to attract if you create a buyer persona. This alone is critical in developing effective B2B PPC advertisements that result in superior B2B PPC leads.

Quality Over Quantity

Okay, so you’ve built your buyer personas based on existing customer data and study. However, are you just asking for people’s names, phone numbers, and emails when you collect data on current and future customers? That’s exactly what most individuals do, which is why it’s time for the harsh reality; it isn’t enough.

There are a few simple methods to accomplish this objective. To avoid wasting valuable clicks on the wrong sort of keywords, make sure you’re employing precise keyword targeting in your B2B PPC advertising strategy. The better your keyword targeting, the more effective your B2B PPC leads will be.

For those who aren’t high-quality leads, the data gathering process itself might qualify prospects for you. For example, you may reject free or spammy email domains, ensuring that anyone who wishes to supply information uses a custom domain name (a common practice among business email addresses) or additional information (such as a company name). By taking these measures, you’ll reduce the number of overall submissions you get, but they’ll be of higher quality and will include more context about the buyer’s possible demands before ever making contact.

Remember to apply an effective lead scoring technique to each lead so that you may appropriately evaluate its viability. One of the most effective strategies for assessing which of your MQLs will be value-creating SQLs is a thorough, repeatable scoring procedure.

It’s All About Targeting Ads

You can now utilize the data you’ve acquired about your perfect customer to target comparable consumers with your PPC campaign. The information you’ve gathered will now aid in the targeting of more precise audiences. You no longer just want any consumer; instead, you know exactly who you wish to attract and may now modify the ad content and audience targeting settings, as well as landing page content, to appeal specifically to these people.

Demonstrate How Your Products and Services Address Specific Concerns of Your Persona

It’s time to shift your attention away from individuals and onto what you can give them once you’ve figured out who your ideal customer is. You’ve identified the problems and challenges that plague your buyers; it’s now up to you to demonstrate how what you have to offer is the solution they’ve been looking for? 

In other words, your ad language and landing page text must be compelling and relevant to your prospects’ personal experiences. Your ideal client may not even be aware that you exist or can assist them. It’s your responsibility to shed light on what services you provide as well as how they will benefit from them.

Your ad should educate the potential customers on the advantages of your services. They’re more likely to become good leads if you answer these queries for them.

Target Top of Funnel Leads with an Educational Campaign

Another approach to increase the number of high-quality leads is to conduct multiple PPC campaigns. Most advertising in PPC has a conversion goal of a sale, for example. If that form of ad isn’t producing the best results, you might want to consider an ad created solely for the purpose of educating and whose long-term objective is to produce high-quality PPC leads.

If you focus more on educating those who click on your advertisements, your leads will be better prepared when they contact you since they’ll already know about the advantages. This approach naturally helps to produce even more leads as well as improve lead quality. This is because you’re now informing even additional businesses about the value of your product rather than simply reaching out to individuals who are actively seeking for it.

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