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Learn How We Grew The PC Doctors Organic Leads By 765% In 90-Days

National SEO Case Study

Who Was The Client?

With the interruptible goal of delivering a top-notch computer support service, The Original PC Doctor was founded. The highly-professional team behind this organisation has been, for more than two decades, offering a unique experience to Australian customers across the country.

Based on a solid work ethic, The Original PC Doctor has provided hardware repairs, virus removing, and lost data recovering since April 5th, 2004.

The Problem

As one of the first National Computer Repair companies in Australia, ‘The Original PC Doctor’ was fortunate enough to quickly establish themselves online in 2004 before many competitors had entered the market.

In 2015 John Pititto found that the competition had become immense and their website was becoming lost amongst the hundreds of new websites that had entered the market over the years. It was now time for to take back the lost traffic taken by many of these new companies investing in digital marketing.

Further more, their main source of leads, 'Google Adwords', was becoming more and more expensive, with each cost per click rising by 25% to 50% each year.

Finally, many of the City locations ‘The Original PC Doctor’ were operating throughout Australia were not receiving sufficient numbers of new leads for their staff. They needed to increase the number of leads for each capital city to facilitate the staff hired in these regions.

Campaign Goals

  1.  Decrease cost per lead
  2.  Increase organic traffic volume
  3.  Improve search engine visibility for high converting phrases
  4.  Increase the number of Leads for all major capital cities


Employ search engine optimisation best practices to increase the volume of free leads for the business and decrease company dependency on paid advertising for new customers. Key areas of optimisation included:

  • Improve website navigation.
  • Create informative, customer focused, shareable content.
  • Improve website speed
  • Improve AdWords quality score for promoted pages
  • Build unique landing pages for each capital city
  • Build relationships with relevant quality websites
  • Create and execute content marketing campaigns

Why This Solution

This digital marketing strategy was chosen because it focused on building volume of free leads for the business, sourced from organic search engine positions. This would allow to lower their Advertising spend dependency on radio and AdWords, resulting in more profit for the business.

Solution Compounding Effect

link building

Grow the volume of relevant quality links to and this raises the number of referring website visitors and potential new customers via those new links.

authority building

This creates an elevation in trust from search engines, who will lower the cost of advertising for trusted websites (from better site quality scores).

increase in money

The rise in trust from search engines also increases the organic positions for targeted keywords on the search engine results pages, therefore increasing the number of free leads.

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Computer Support
Industry Annual Revenue:
$2 Billion
Competing Businesses:
Average Business Revenue:
Industry Employment:
Avg. Revenue Per Employee:
Avg. Cost Per Click:

Campaign Results

increase in organic leads

+765% Increase In Organic Leads.

increase in organic traffic

+56% Increase In Search Engine Traffic.

Decrease in google ad costs

-20% Reduction In Google Ad Cost Per Lead.

Featured Content Marketing Results

Here are some examples of our link building and content marketing results for The PC Doctor.
example content marketing

1.6 Million Monthly Visitors. 85 Domain Authority.

example link building seo work

1 Million Backlinks. 1,340 Organic Keywords

example link building seo work

5,393 Monthly Organic Visitors. 54 Domain Authority.

example link building seo work

21,050 Monthly Organic Visitors. 38 Domain Authority.

example link building seo work

3,488 Organic Keywords. 53 Domain Authority.

example link building seo work

28 Million Monthly Visitors. 93 Domain Authority.

Client Testimonial

❝We have been getting heaps of organic enquiries, well done!❞

John P. Owner, The Original PC Doctor.

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