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Say Goodbye To Unpredictable Income. Start Growing Your Fencing Profits.

With proven marketing systems we generate more sales for fencing contractors.

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Struggling to Secure Consistent Leads?

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You're Not Alone.

You're not just looking for more clients; you're worried about keeping the lights on. When the phone doesn't ring, it's not just about money; it's about letting your team down, putting off plans, and seeing your hard work go to waste.
Imagine this: You buy new equipment expecting more projects. But this month, few leads come in. Your equipment goes unused, your team is idle, and bills mount. Each missed lead amplifies the financial stress and unpredictability of the industry.
Meet Media Merx: Your guide in the erratic world of fencing contracts. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and proven fencing strategies, our marketing will elevate you to unparalleled online dominance.

Benefits That Build Fencing Legends.

Rank First, Pay Later: Your Path to Page One on Google!

We're so confident in our expertise that we're flipping the script. Instead of paying for promises, you'll pay for results.

We'll handle your marketing, and you won't pay a cent until you're prominently featured on Google's first page and reaping the benefits of consistent leads.

Your Turf, Your Leads: No Competitors Allowed!

In the world of fencing, location is everything. That's why when you partner with us, we pledge exclusivity.

We guarantee that we will not onboard any competing fencing business in your operational area. Your territory is sacred, and we respect that.

Speak Their Language, Lead the Market!

With a team that knows your industry inside out, we craft content that speaks directly to your customers' desires.

Our deep industry knowledge, combined with tried-and-true fencing marketing strategies, ensures you don't just compete — you lead.

How It Works: Your Path to Fencing Mastery

Our initial step begins with "Audit & Analysis" of your fencing business, identifying both strengths and growth areas.

Using this insight, we design a custom "Strategic Plan" aligning with your specific goals and audience. Where needed, we craft high-conversion websites and landing pages.

Then if needed, we setup a "CRM System" for streamlined lead and customer management, and introduce an "Automated Booking System" to ensure every appointment opportunity is captured efficiently.

Step 1: Audit & Foundation Blueprint

In our lead generation phase, we don't adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we carefully select the most powerful marketing strategy for your strength, goals and market.

Whether it be SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Google My Business. By choosing the most effective methods for your fencing business, we ensure the greatest chance of reaching your revenue target.

Step 2: Fencing Lead Generation

In our third phase, the spotlight is on Conversion Rate Optimisation. We delve deep into 'A/B Testing', continuously iterating and refining to guarantee that every site visit is maximized for conversions.

Alongside, our 'Reputation Management' stands guard, swiftly addressing any concerns to uphold your brand's esteemed image. With 'Customer Review Management', we amplify the voices of satisfied clients, showcasing their positive experiences.

And to further cement trust, our 'Video Testimonials' capture genuine client stories, bolstering your brand's credibility and resonance with potential customers.

Step 3: Conversion Rate Optimisation

In our fourth and conclusive phase, we delve into the 'Customer Value Journey', meticulously strategising to amplify the value and revenue derived from each client.

By implementing robust business systems, we not only enhance operational efficiency but also achieve 'Time Liberation'.

With these systems in place, you're poised to focus on strategic expansion, enjoy well-deserved leisure, and secure a consistent income, all while being liberated from the daily grind of operations.

Step 4: Scaling For Freedom

Who Benefits Most from Our Services?

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Fencing Contractors

We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of your industry. Our specialised marketing services are tailored to elevate fencing contractors from local craftsmen to industry leaders. We don't just drive traffic; we channel a stream of potential clients who value quality and craftsmanship.

By merging our deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge marketing strategies, we ensure that your skills are showcased to the right audience, turning digital footprints into real-world contracts.
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Fencing Suppliers

For fencing suppliers, standing out in a saturated market is about more than just offering top-tier products; it's about forging the right connections. At Master Fence, we don't just elevate your brand; we bring you directly to the table with potential buyers.

Our specialised marketing services are uniquely tailored for fencing suppliers, ensuring your products are showcased directly to those who need them most. And here's our ace: we've cultivated strong, existing relationships with a vast network of fencing contractors.

Fencing Franchises

Our marketing services are meticulously tailored for fencing franchises, ensuring that each franchisee benefits from a unified brand image while also addressing their unique local market needs.

With Master Fence, fencing franchises don't just expand their reach; they solidify their reputation as industry leaders, ensuring every franchise location thrives and contributes to the collective success of the brand.

Solutions For Fencing Success.

Each of our services is meticulously crafted with the fencing industry in mind, ensuring precision and relevance unmatched by generic competitors.


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What Our Customers Say

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Henrik P.

Always helpful and delivered high quality work.

Henrik P.

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Andrew G.

David is a very skilled SEO professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to see dramatic increases in their search results!

Andrew G.

BiznessApps - Inc 500
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George E.

Did an amazing job! Highly recommend.

George E.

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Robin T.

David’s work produced a huge ROI for my business. I highly recommend him if you think your business can handle the increase in leads.

Robin T.

WP Guru
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John P.

We have been getting heaps of organic inquiries, well done!

John P.

The Original PC Doctor
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Bobby L.

David is highly experienced at SEO and he is always up to date with the latest techniques and methods. David is a key team player as he always finding ways to support us. If you you want an experienced SEO and marketer that will boost your business then David is the man for the job.

Bobby L.


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