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Marketplace SEO Case Study

Who Was The Client?

Valoso began in 2015 by Bobby Lin. Bobby set out to create one of the worlds first video production marketplace.

Valoso successfully enrolled thousands of video industry professionals into the freelancer marketplace.

We engaged late 2015 to help develop and execute a start up digital marketing strategy, focusing on organic search engine traffic channels.

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The Problem

As a startup adopting the double sided marketplace business model their first challenge was choosing which side of the market to build first. Thankfully they had already built one side before I joined the platform, the freelancers.

Their next main challenge was attracting the customer side of the market. unfortunately didnt have a large budget, nor did they have a highly visible online brand. With limited internal knowledge and resources to grow their online traffic they were in need of highly targeted and effective SEO strategies and tactics to ensure the survival of their statup.

The greatest challenge for Valoso was generating customers to submit video editing and filming jobs onto the platform for the thousands of professionals wanting work.

Campaign Goals

  1. Increase Video Project Submissions
  2. Increase organic search engine visitors
  3. Create high converting content to turn new visitors into customers
  4. Train staff to perform ongoing SEO strategies Internally


Our solution focused on educating the founders on how to successfully implement fast traffic generating digital marketing strategies. Not only did we intend on training but also set a company standard by personally implementing well defined tactics according to the deviced strategies. The strategies:

First, teach Valoso team on how to discover trending topics within the industry and where to find the most frequently ask questions by the target customer. Instructions on how to write provocative content that would entice readers to share socially, comment and link. The goal of this content marketing strategy was to provide value to the video industry, by solving customers pain points and answering their most probing questions.

The second strategy we taught was about ways to build strong relationships with industry leaders, high trafficked and technical professional to develop thought leading content. The content mediums we worked with was live video broadcasts, white papers and interview collaborations. This allowed Valoso to attract valuable traffic, links and content on a low budget.

1. Improve the content on the website. Create more informative, customer focused, descriptive, shareable and authoritative content.

2. Drive target traffic to generate revenue for video professionals

3. Add call to actions throughout the website

4. Build relationships with other high quality websites to refer traffic, shares, new content and links

Why This Solution

The education solution was chosen for Valoso because it empowered the Valoso team to continually grow their audience and build their brand as an authority without the continued expensive of an expert digital marketing team.

The strategies were designed to quickly build the volume of organic search engine traffic towards Valoso, to take a large market-share before new competitors entered the market.

The content strategies were chosen because of the industry Valoso operates in. Creating video content was important because it reinforced to the marketplace community that Valoso were not only knowledgeable video professionals but also actively participate in video production.

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Video Editing Marketplace
Industry Annual Revenue:
$2 Billion
Competing Businesses:
Average Business Revenue:
Industry Employment:
Avg. Revenue Per Employee
Avg. Cost Per Click

Campaign Results

Trained A Team Of Five In SEO Best Practices

+600% Increase In Organic Traffic

+200% Increase In New Video Project Submissions

Featured Content Marketing Results

Here are some examples of our link building and content marketing results for The

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9,783 Monthly Visitors.
55 Domain Authority.


805,984 Monthly Visitors.
72 Domain Authority.

organized assistant

2,700 Organic Keywords. 32 Domain Authority.

2,240 Monthly Visitors. 72 Domain Authority.

3,200 Organic Keywords. 45 Domain Authority.

uav coach

115,565 Monthly Visitors. 54 Domain Authority.

Client Testimonial

❝David is highly experienced at SEO and he is always up to date with the latest techniques and methods. If you you want an experienced SEO and marketer that will boost your business then David is the man for the job.❞

Bobby L. Owner, Valoso.

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