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Learn How We Grew Organic Leads By 2655% In Only 6 Months

Enterprise SEO Campaign Case Study

Who Was The Client?

FleetChoice began in 2010 as a novated leasing company. Due to government changes within the Novated leasing industry the directors decided to diversify and added a car finance product to help grow the business. The company decided to separate the ‘Car Finance’ side of the business from the novated leasing and purchased the domain name

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The Problem

Generating leads for the car finance sales staff was extremely expensive and this cost was absorbing all the profits from the business. The high cost per lead was due to large number of competitors bidding for the same keywords on ‘Google AdWords’ advertising platform. The average cost per clicks ranged from, $8-$12 per click. This resulted in a cost per lead ranging from, $50-$80 per lead.

Campaign Goals

  1.  Decrease cost per lead
  2.  Increase organic traffic volume
  3.  Improve search engine visibility for high converting phrases
  4.  Increase the number of Leads for all major capital cities


My solution focused on improving four elements to the online presence of These elements were:

1. Improve the content on the website. Create more informative, customer focused, descriptive, shareable and authoritative content.

2.Search engine optimise the website.

3. Add call to actions throughout the website

4. Build relationships with other high quality websites to refer traffic and links to

Why This Solution

This solution was chosen because it focused on increasing volume of traffic and leads from free sources, such as search engines, news sites and social networks.

This allowed the company to lower their spend on AdWords and instead invest this money into long term traffic generating assets such as high quality content, automated sales funnels and genuine authority links.

Computer Support
Industry Annual Revenue:
$2 Billion
Competing Businesses:
Average Business Revenue:
Industry Employment:
Avg. Revenue Per Employee
Avg. Cost Per Click

Campaign Results

+2655% Increase In Organic Leads.

+3650% Increase In Search Engine Traffic.

+177% Increase In Ranking Keywords.

Featured Content Marketing Results

Here are some examples of our link building and content marketing results for


236,192 Monthly Visitors.
72 Domain Authority.


7.1 Million Monthly Visitors.
92 Domain Authority

online opinion

1,142 Organic Keywords. 58 Domain Authority.


2.1 Million Monthly Organic Visitors. 57 Domain Authority.

australian women online

1,381 Monthly Visitors. 47 Domain Authority.

auto finance news

10,901 Monthly Visitors. 46 Domain Authority.

vroom vroom vroom

157,696 Monthly Organic Visitors. 48 Domain Authority.


9,454 Monthly Organic Visitors. 36 Domain Authority.

calculator uk business news

1,182 Monthly Visitors. 28 Domain Authority.

Client Testimonial

❝David's work produced a huge ROI for my business. I highly recommend him if you think your business can handle the increase in leads.❞

Robin T., WP Guru.

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